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Blufftons Best Lawn Care

Landscape Design

For many homeowners, the dream of a perfect Okatie outdoor space is just that - a dream. However, with the right touch of a professional team, adding elements like paving stones, a manicured garden, and even a gazebo or other construction can be achieved at a lower cost than many people imagine. With a design talent that exceeds the expectations of our clients, Blufftons Best Lawn Care knows how to turn your dreams into reality with the following services:

  • Plant recommendations
  • Gallery of previously completed projects
  • Paving stone advice
  • Digital simulations
  • Garden planning
  • Entertainment area design

All of our design projects start with a visit to your home to map out what you want, as well as the physical and space limitations. Using your input, we'll visualize how your dream outdoor space will look and what improvements we can bring to your original vision. We'll assist you with plant selection and placement, as well as taking into account factors you may have overlooked, such as tree canopies, sunlight distribution, convenience, and overall functionality.

While appearance is certainly important in landscape design, our focus is on functionality first. We want your outdoor space to be something that you use as well as admire. With that in mind, our designs incorporate all of the things you and your family hold dear - entertaining play areas, beautiful plants, and inviting spaces. Our combined years of landscaping design experience will translate to your enjoyment of your new lawn.

Call us at 843-540-1343 and let us plan the landscape of your dreams.

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